Inspiring and addictive, beautifully crafted songs.”

WUD Records

Farmhouse Odyssey is a group of five musicians who believe in music as a guiding and transformative force in the world. Since they formed in 2012 in Arcata, California, their music has emanated from the relationship between their friendship and their lives. Each member brings a unique perspective to the group, coalescing into a whole that is somewhere between progressive rock, jazz fusion, and psychedelia. The resulting music is beyond each individual personality and utterly original. When they create, they do so freely with few boundaries; leaving genres and guidelines aside they simply take the chance to play what they love. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest they endeavor to craft music that pushes the limits of the familiar and resonates as meaningful to them; music that can only be formed from the internalization of the everyday life of these individuals and what their lives can become.

"Restless hope, that flows all over their music."

-Djent Mag