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Rise of the Waterfowl

Farmhouse Odyssey

24 bit/96.000 kHz sample rate

Artwork by Extra Maat and James Lovejoy
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So it Would Seem
Sirens scream the sound surrounds me 
pacifies my dreams
your advice to rise above fear
beyond suffering
deep in the pipes a piercing pitch
harmful harmony
who I am is just the same as
who i’m suppossed to be 
this plastic place your placid face
industrial melodies 
if I could make but one request
listen to the breeze 
where you seek that is where you’ll be
Seeing Buddha’s dream as an underlying theme
wading neck deep through the clamor of cascading thought
I'm seeking shade in my truths underway
In a wasted waste of elusive thought
I’m looking to put it all in line so I can put it all to rest
my story and you are my guest
still there hangs a veil obscures expression pale
staring through to catch a view
of the broken light thats vaguely seen emanating through
to add up the jigsaw and set the pieces straight
here I wait to put into context the complexion of my comprehension
this moment’s perspective 
In ways opposite projections lit
you wear what you’re hiding
show your fear or show your faith
you are what you make
in your eyes witness your own truths 
trace down to it’s roots
what you won’t face is to your ego’s taste
peer there far and wide
carefully faced let’s all embrace
and love to love to love
to learn what is for which I yearn 
it’s great give thanks and love
In haze and beside yourself
take the time 
in your mind for a breath
Close your eyes and let all the noise
fall away
be alone with yourself
spilled like blood on the table cloth
thoughts unfold in a time all their own
identity waiting to be found
acceptance of all acts encompassing
let your love light shine
grow in ways in which you may
and which you might
every breath brings you here and now
awaken to being 
let your soul do the seeing
spilled like blood on the table cloth
thoughts unfold in a time all their own
identity waiting to be found
hidden away
crying but not making a sound 
thoughts unwind in a shape all their own
acceptance of all acts encompassing
trapped inside this toxic flesh
without a doubt waiting to unfold
flowering beauty
once you can let it go 
there’s nothing left to fear
it’s all a dream

Sleeping Silent
Sitting beside the fire
reverie’s of desire
sing a far gone number
heard like distant thunder
we’ve been sleeping silent
in a life to triumph 
can I help but to say
it all ends today
Continually dragged
dragged along by society’s swell
undulant lullaby
stultifies the senses 
yet it rages the soul restless
prefixing destiny
lost now in thoughts true 
that have believed love’s view
felt it alive and anew
seen it fully in bloom
when beauty is everything
yet it cannot be
how does one wake?
snap out of the spell of the swell
that rocks to sleep no matter what one can tell
among ripples of hell
somewhere inside
hidden out of sight where we are most alive
heaven is not so far away 
it is where we are headed today
waiting there just like a smile 
all the while 
a view of love to see
continually dragged
dragged along by society’s swell
undulant lullaby
fate simple subsists 
amounting exclusively 
from this man made machinery
is it wrapped up tight?
in confused complexities 
has it secluded out of sight
from where your love resides
just listen for the song
that is living natural 
the flow of life sung
something heard not long ago
through our life’s many signs
is a real way to unwind
just listen to find
providence speaks to us all
Cross the Deep
Awaken to eternity
overflow into the blue
forevermore throughout these
mercurial moments of now 
manifestation’s molds 
never vanish in vain
they will find their way innate
into routes of everyday
inside the heart of darkness
our jewel inside rests
don’t worry where it’s going
it’s part of the process 
sunlight’s rays fall within my gaze
setting the world ablaze
inside the moving maze of life’s beautiful ways
to cross the deep pulling weeds planting seeds
leading spellbound, going down deep out of reach
finding the light that guides through the darkness
to hear the call dawn inside us all
Colossal Cypress
lone upright evergreen 
noble coniferous tree
organically against
death’s eternal sleep
a soft whisper breeze 
windy burst if you please
it’s only a sneeze 
ancient tree of forgone days 
she’s here to stay
wooded tree of sovereignty
the fingered flames hold on to what we know
feeling the colors and tones
releasing spirit from skin and bones
feeling the colors and tones
I’m losing myself, I’m lighter than air 
Yearning intrinsic her passion exceeds
for the long sunlight steep
or thick fog osmosing
myriad limber limbs have no fear
reach out dendritically
the flames they may scorch blacken and torch
but your armor is thick 
let them kick for they make not a knick
inside moving spirit, it’s beautiful
the rhythm of life 
the fingered flames hold on to what we know
feeling the colors and tones
releasing spirit from skin and bones
feeling the colors and tones
removed from time shooting down your spine
I’m lighter than air 
The hearth is not the flame
what does the soul do but release itself?
A Moment to Take
Under the light of day is grey
searching for something to see brightly 
listen for the song before its gone
life as it comes
speechless spirit sung 
in the sun
Far away, find a moment to take
to undertake let arcane courage create
when in a way singular strength is at stake
whispering sweet silent forgotten dreams
we’re winding down in one never-ending stream
thoughts that shine and beguile me
animate life’s magnetic energy
being in tune to the song you sing
it’s knowing a moment’s possibility 
everything’s true religion
Pale pictures of stray individuality
lost amidst ruptured insecurity 
lost at the core, more than before
this collage of the blues
fixed on secret meanings misconstrued
clinging on you can’t shake it loose
peel away to feel the light of day again
looking out on pastoral fields green
thinking whats to be
nowhere in the green will it tell whats to become of me
looking for the state of things deep in the green
searching for something to see brightly
thinking what’s to be, mystery
a brilliant light shall undermine 
discrepancies of thine 
are cast transparent by its shine
the source of which is yours and is mine 


embrace the endless eminences 
in the storm of the senses 
that the sonic spectacle commences 
twisting down entangled trails 
setting sail through endless corridors 
dancing along the sapphire banks 
of our mind's electric river currents 

disappearing into the dense dawn 
to awake, invigorate 
a tour de force turning on 
at the source, urging us on 
artfully cast aura of the aural 
take me to become as one 
singing and syncopating 
into believing while never leaving 

with forgotten glory 
writing your own story 

soundscapes create escape 
from the freight 

grandeur so fine it's surely destined 
to hypnotize, with hope as the tool 
to improvise, left perfectly blind 
searching for the virtue of rhyme 
sniff out the scent 
of a genuine way 
breathe away the weight 
standing up straight 
remember the way 

soundscapes create escape 
from the freight

Slumberless Sun

a trillion trills 
pronounced in flutters nearby 
quavering at length 
and resonating on high 

signaling morning has come 
thanks to the slumberless sun 
never has it set 
and I won't forget 
where our pulsing heart beat 
and the sun's rays meet 

we could be just the same 
forgetting about name 
that is fabricated 
all of a game 
we could be just as different 
feelings bent hoping 
a bit of ourselves was lent 
but never making a dent 

in everlasting sweetness 
as we take on each new day 
the karmic anomaly plays 
and our stories animate 

letting polarities flux 
different and same swirl about

Brain Song

this mind is a terrible thing to waste 
at its core rests a rose 
with its sweet taste 
yet the thorns sting we take 
when what we do 
is what fate won't conform to 

a wild wind will blow 
sending us lost 
down time's road 
at unknown cost 
with a cold roar 
and conflicting contradictions 
concealing what is written 
on this old open door 
beyond its allure 
is where we soar


the motion that transcends 
textures that it blends 
reaching higher than 
the self in which dead ends 

feel the past weighing down on me 
admitting I was wrong 
see the path thats ahead of me 
time to be moving on 

rearranging patterns 
shedding skin begin to begin again 
close the gap between 
an incessant dream and a solemn senselessness 
break the fall a second wind 
a gust to blow the dust and rust off my soul 
drenched in the essence 
that makes us glow 

all I did was 
blink and another day has gone by 
not too sure what day it was 
not keeping track of time as I'm 
gazing down the stream 
at a once so vivid dream 

I will do good by you 
whenever you need i'll share the light with you 
you are everything to me 
each day through I feel it's true 

Imagining in sights and sounds living 
feeling the sound where it aches within 

I will do good by you 
each day through I feel it's true 
whenever you need i'll share the light with you 

meandering down to the source of things 
stealing away to what might have been 
stuck down a path where my memories 
holdfast in our made up past 

the moment realized 
tongue's twisted and tied 
what it is to be alive 
finding out what's inside 

close the gap between 
an incessant dream and a solemn senselessness 
break the fall a second wind 
a gust to blow the dust and rust off my soul


feel it set in motion 
the rolling rush of ocean 
pouring out hope's decree 
set about uncertainty 

following under 
swept off to untold wonders 
and mysteries telling of 
deep beauties that beseech 
cold fluid tide 
withholding truths of life 
just beyond reach 
invisible inside 
time ticking by 

oh how endings can 
frighten to disbelief 
as we often grieve 
but this is not the end 
yet still this feeling 
its sting is biting 

beam forward in radiance 
inciting forever through the night 
far and wide 

for what is an end 
but liberty's wings caught in 
the brisk and blowing breeze 
bearing something bittersweet 

I can see the light shine 
turning the sand to gold 
composing the sky's symphony 
as it beams its path is unseen 
streaking with wondrous speed 
endlessly colliding with the world round


Speedbump Catalyst: Upon the Wheel, Blessing in Disguise, Energetic Tides, The Road Alone

Upon the Wheel: 

glistening my love is real 
turning round upon the wheel 
let it flow 
see it heal a broken soul 
soothing caressing inside 
upstream to wrestle with tides 
deep down there's nowhere to hide 

images divulge in dreams 
innermost marks of being 
let it be 
to be seen instinctively 
moving towards inner light 

Blessing in Disguise: 

shoved away in shadow to fade 
where all withheld feelings have 
been bent 
there i'm left 
feeling about for reasons of how 
oh just how it's now commanding view 
some longing for life spent 
but for now i'll be wandering 
aimlessly beneath 
the light of the pale moon 
letting destiny carry me free 

Energetic Tides: 

our love will stream across the sky 
questions reflect my inner light 
shown to me energetic tides 
two souls which share the views of life 

our love will stream across the sky 
questions reflect my inner light 
shown to me energetic tides 
take hold for the road alone and fly 

The Road Alone: 

in a world sometimes masterfully mired 
concealing sketches of love 
there is hurt forgotten 
cast deep into the trenches inside 
shaping a frame, finding form 
in the output of our anger and frustration 
in a world shaped by 
unaccounted beauty of design 
humble and unhindered 
grown into an entangled vine 
as we breathe together 
alive we are aligned 
in a bond frequently belittled by 
humankind's abstracted lie 
and aligned we are alive 
for the road alone is not forever

From The Night Sky

rhythm can you take me? 
back to where I belong 
moving bounds and leaps 
high among the trees 
kicking up dust 
to sting the eyes of unease 
lead me to 
the manifestation of my dreams 

singing good-bye 
there's no hard feelings 
only mixed up emotions 
that I leave to the breeze 

chance it now cries 
cries for the unknown 
the tears fall from the night sky 
small and endless worlds collide 

singing good bye 
there's no hard feelings 
only mixed up emotions 
that I leave to the breeze