New Album, Fertile Ground, Now Available!

Fertile Ground

Farmhouse Odyssey

Fertile Ground is a hero's journey through the subjective world of dreams towards the ground of self transformation. "It happened as always in a dream when you leap over space and time and the laws of life and mind, and you stop only there where your heart delights." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

"Dreams are extraordinarily strange. One thing appears with terrifying clarity, with the details finely set like jewels, while you leap over another, as though you did not notice it at all — space and time, for instance. It seems that dreams are the work not of mind but of desire, not of the head but of the heart… In a dream things quite incomprehensible come to pass." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Artwork by Ali Saren

24 bit/96.000 kHz sample rate
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Rise of the Waterfowl

Farmhouse Odyssey

24 bit/96.000 kHz sample rate

Artwork by Extra Maat and James Lovejoy
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Okay, I have a quest for every proghead. GET. THIS. ALBUM. NOW! Everything about this record is absolutely stunning and amazing. The vocals, the combination of old school prog rock, modern math rock moments and breathtaking songwriting. A very mature record, full of joyful moments and inspiring ideas.”

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